About Us When We Were Homeschooling

Hello, welcome and thanks for visiting us here at Bindis n Bulldust.

The Family
We are a family of six Mr Bulldust and Mrs Bindi (yes he is my adorable husband), along with Master Bulldust14, Master Bulldust13, Master Bulldust5 and Master Bulldust3.

Our Homeschooling Journey
We are in our seventh year of Homeschooling. Our first three years were with a few State Distance Education Schools due to us working in different remote regions. For the last four years we have been registered through the Queensland’s Education Departments Home Education Unit. The boys are currently in years 9, 8, Prep and Pre Kindy and I endeavour to post about our journey under these categories.

At Home
We live and work on an isolated cattle breeding property. For much of the year it is just the six of us and a good job description would be ‘Jack of all trades’. For the last three years we have been in drought and if we are going to get some relief it will not be expected until fingers crossed – Christmas.

bindis n bulldust
Summer Sunset

Mrs Bindi
I love homeschooling, planning, sourcing, BUYING -probably a bit too much buying but we really love getting stuff in the mail. It is 15 km to drive to the mail box so it is a greatly anticipated biweekly event. In my former life I have always wanted to write and homeschooling has consumed my life – so I decided that I would start a blog and write about what I really love; my family and creatively educating such a diverse range of learners. Not one of the boys are on the same map, so I am having to look for different ways so that they can understand unknown concepts.

“Everybody is a genius.
But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

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