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Good Reads

An Outback Life by Mary Groves

An Outback Life (417x640)‘Mary Groves was just fourteen when her parents uprooted their family from Melbourne and moved to Mataranka; a small, isolated town in the Northern Territory.’

I have just finished this book and really loved it.   The very country that Mary talks about is where our third baby was conceived and it was the happiest time I have had in my life. Master Bulldust5 has a unique character and has a very loveable soul – definitely something in the water (other than huge crocs). When we went ‘shopping’ now that is for groceries not any luxuries it was an eight hour drive just to get to Woolworths.

I actually cried when we had to come back to work in Queensland as we crossed over the border.

Since finishing the book I have checked out Mary Groves and her beautiful artwork and found she has another book this time a children’s book called ‘The Journey of the Littlest Atom’ I can’t wait to have a read of this one too.

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to read an action packed adventure or anyone who wants to see how most of us women live in the bush; juggling schooling, cattle work, domestic duties and just living remote.

Hope you enjoy it as much as me.

Cheers Mrs Bindi


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