Bessie’s Pillow {Strong Learning Inc.} A Review

I love reading and I really struggled as a mum when I had little babes as reading was the first thing to go. I am glad those years are long behind as (other than the those snuggles) and I am back in the land of books. With this love of books I have very happy to do a review of Bessie’s Pillow published by Strong Learning Inc. As we read a lot of history books this one just seemed to slot right in place, especially with the Australian Curriculum History timeline for Grade 10.

Both Master Bulldust15 and I read this book by ourselves.  What started as a allotted time during school turned into lunch time and afternoon or whenever we could get a chance to read it. 

An Interview with Master Bulldust15

Please keep in mind that this is me questioning a teenage boy. I sometimes think getting blood from a stone would be easier. 

How do you find the story?

It was pretty good. It was easy to read other than a few names which I found hard to pronounce.

How did you go with the PDF?

I didn’t mind having to read the book via PDF as it meant I didn’t have to turn pages.

What did you learn about immigration?

It’s hard, I am guessing for Bessie it was dreadful.  These days the immigrates can come in no problems, they wouldn’t have to be washed by other people.

What did you learn?

The extreme hatred that the German’s had of the Jews. I also learnt how bad the bottom east side NY was not a great place for anyone.

Would you recommend the book?

It’s an all right book to read, I would recommend it to anybody.  It’s a book that anybody could read.

Star Rating 1-Poor 5-Excellent

****Four Stars****

Bessie’s Pillow comes with a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide and other resources available are listed on Bessie’s America.

Bessie’s Pillow Teachers Guide comprehensively covers: 

  • Summary
  • How to Use
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Timeline
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Additional Readings

Strong Learning have done a fantastic job with this teachers guide.  There could easily be weeks of student activities to be completed. 


There are some issues mentioned in the book which you or your child may find confronting.  Please if your worry read the book first.  I am very open to discussion with my children and we talked about what he had read throughout the book, I did not personally read it first or censor any pages. 

“There will come many times in your life when you are afraid.  In those moments, you must surrender your fear and go wherever it takes you, and trust that you have the strength to do what you must to survive.”

–Bessie’s Pillow

My 3 Wishes!!!

Wish One –

This was my first PDF book which I read in iBooks.  I am old fashioned and I really struggled with this, I could not just pick the book up and read.  Either the battery was not charged enough, or the iPad owner Master Bulldust6 was using it for his learning support, or the screen hurt my eyes before long. I love real books! Never fear, you can buy a real book if you are like me and need the real deal.

Wish Two –

Oh my gosh I wish I had programmed this book into our yearly program.  There is so much history to learn and this beautiful book is so well written and easy to read you want to read on.  The teacher’s resources available for Bessie’s America are so well thought of.  This book is perfect for unit studies, I can see in the future someone will make some excellent notebooking pages.

Wish Three –

I want a movie, I want to sit in a cinema and laugh and cry with Bessie.

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Bessie's Pillow {Strong Learning, Inc. Reviews}
Cheers Mrs Bindi

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