Hopes, Dreams and Goals For Our Year Ahead 2017

I have had a rocky start to the year, who would expect a hard drive in a computer of eighteen months old to up and die on me, two short weeks before school. I have lost ally 2017 HEU reports and planning, including our goals for the year ahead. I know, backup, backup, backup!!! But as all reporting is due at the end of the year, doing a backup on a new computer is the last thing on my mind just before Christmas.


With technology issues on my mind, I will start with the hope of backing up my computer at the end of each term. I know this is not ideal either but there is no use me setting an unrealistic goal that I am not going to carry out. How often do you back up your computer? What price do you put on your saved data? If someone could ‘maybe’ extract your data for $1000 would you pay that, or being such a hit on the back pocket take it as a hard lesson to learn? Ok enough about my computer it is making me miserable.

My hopes for our school year ahead is to allow myself flexibility to deviate outside of our set programming and not think I then have to catch up on something we may not have covered. We deviate a lot which is not the problem, it’s the expectations I have on myself knowing I have set plans that I than have to follow through. Crazy thinking I know, deviations usually occur as a child lead interest will come up and we follow through with it which usually in the long run has us covering far more ground and having so much more fun.


I dream this year of attending more events that our local homeschool groups organise. I do say dream as it is not easy for me to get there living five hours away.  Maybe a little better planning will have me in town a little more often on a Wednesday.

Another dream of mine was to blog more regularly, fingers crossed I will make it a reality this year as not only am I going to join this great group of Aussie Bloggers Blogging but I am a member of the 2017 Homeschool Review Crew.  Hopefully it is a win win for all, you get more blogs to read and I get to write more.

There are many other dreams I might have but going into our ninth year of homeschooling I am the first to realise it is pointless setting unrealistic goals.

So here’s to the real dream – knowing there is always tomorrow!!


  • Don’t drink to much coffee
  • Don’t sweat over the little things
  • Keep it simple
  • Be all over the lesson before we start
  • ME TIME!!!
  • Back up the hard drive often
  • Get up early (me time)
  • Write a book (in my spare time)

Master Bulldust14

  • Keep the days stimulating
  • Attend events geared towards secondary students

Master Bulldust6

  • Teach this monster to read
  • Support his learning style

Master Bulldust4

  • Make it fun
  • Give him time

What are your goals, I know it is one of the requirements for HEU unit, but as you can see from above, sometimes you have to step back from the educational jargon we write to please someone (the educational department) and make it real for us.

See what other great Australian Homeschool Bloggers have in the pipeline this year.

Cheers Mrs Bindis

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  1. Erin says:

    Losing your computer like that must be beyond maddening!
    Traveling 5 years for a homeschool event boggles my mind, but I can appreciate your desire for you oldest son. Thinking of you last night as my instagram fills up with remote families taking their children to boarding school, amazes me more families don’t homeschool for highschool, partially when I consider the crippling financial burden.
    Actually hadn’t realised there is such a big age gap between your boys, changing hats is challenging as I well know.
    May all your dreams come true this year.

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