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To start our school year of blogging I think there is no better way than to review a Yearly Membership of It has been great timing for our family to have a Yearly Membership  to and over the weekend with just days looming before we start our school year in Australia it is become a bit of a lifesaver. What has me super excited about the site is that you buy a yearly membership and you have access all areas for all your family.  There is no need to pay a single subscriptions for each of your children, this is great for saving money.
  • 300+ Online Courses
  • Start on Your Own Timeline, Go At Your Own Pace
  • Report Card/Transcript Help
  • No Added Fees for Books/Curriculum
  • No Per-Child Fees!

How did I Use  My Yearly Subscription?

Once I started exploring the site I was amazed that everything you need is included in the membership.  For instance when looking at Algerbra1 for Master Bulldust14 everything was there. Algebra1 is a  full-year course (36 weeks) and your membership with  gets you everything you need, including daily work with lesson text, practice problems, and assignments. Answer keys are included, including step-by-step solutions for many problems.     This class makes use of original material created by your teacher, Allena Lee, as well as selected portions of several textbooks published by various authors that have been posted here with permission. Arrh did you read that right??? Yes your students have a teacher as well that they can email.  For me, having the availability of a teacher by email is a HUGE relief.  Algebra was not my favourite subject in my teen years, and guess what it is still NOT!!!

What Is My Opinion Of The Yearly Subscription?

What I Found Helpful? I really loved the way the website was so easy to navigate. From the very main page I was able to explore the webpage and easily find the lessons. I have based this review on my eldest son in the schoolroom Master Bulldust14.  He is currently completing his secondary year of grade 10. This site has allowed me access to so many high school subjects which are usually not available for his age bracket.  Another subject I explored for him was art and I can't wait to start using this lessons as well. In the few weeks I have had access to I am been really amazed how detailed the 'mum stuff' is.  For example just looking at resources for Master Bulldust4, the Scope and Sequence for Kindergarten is 36 pages long. Other great 'mum stuff' finds have been:
  • Schoolhouse Planners
  • Custom Schedule Builder
  • Ready Made Calendars
  • Printable Info Charts
  • AppleCore Recordkeeping
I would recommend a yearly membership subscription to to anyone who is looking for a one stop shop for all things homeschool.  Where one fee pays for everything and there is no needs to buy extra resources like books and textbooks for the course offered.

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I have completed this review as a Team Member of the Homeschool Review Crew. Visit the Homeschool Review Crew Blog to read what other Crew members had to say about the Yearly Membership from Cheers Mrs Bindi

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