Reporting to the Home Education Unit QLD

What goes into Sample III?

Writing this post is something I have wanted to do for quite a while, though I was only prompted to do so as I was helping another parent with idea's for her yearly report to the Home Education Unit, Queensland. Throughout I will refer to the Home Education Unit as HEU, and it is relevant at the time only to Queensland's requirements. img_4045

Making sense of your reporting requirements

A few months out from your reporting date the HEU will email you a document of about 16 pages to guide you through the reporting process. Many people including myself get a bit stuck on the 'own choice' sample requirement.

HEU Document

The 'own choice' sample just does not seem to fit in the same templated framework as English and Mathematics so I am going to share what the last two years of reports looked like for Master Bulldust15. This sample was taken as our 'own choice' after doing woodwork and metalwork for the year.

HEU Document

This next 'own choice' was from last year when Master Bulldust15 was breeding peach face love birds.  You can see here that I was really not able to compare a work sample, it was just birds, but what I did show was all that was involved in breeding and selling the birds. The examples are just want I do, and what I have found works for us.  I hope they may help you when writing up your own children's reports. If you have a different format that you would like to share I am happy to edit this post with new links or attach you documents here. Cheers Mrs Bindi
Own Choice Report Samples
Woodwork/Metalwork Peachfaces  

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