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Our closest library would be a good three and a half to four hour drive into the nearest town.  ThisIMG_3659 means we only visit the library when we are doing other jobs in town like grocery shopping, but a lot of the occasions we are really time poor.  If our internet service was a little more giving I would download a lot more audio books free from the library, but that is another story which you can find on the facebook page.

It was great when we lived in the Northern Territory on an isolated cattle station as a library up near Darwin used to post books and magazines out on the mail plane free of charge, that was like Christmas!

I am a big buyer of books as I really think it is important for the children to be surrounded with them. The two major places I buy my books are from Booktopia as they have a fixed $6.95 postage and most months you will get that free too.  As well as Scholastic books as a Book Club member, their postage is free and you also get reward dollars to buy more books. When we do get to town all the children will bring me books if we are in Big W or Kmart, and it is great to duck into a bookstore occasionally too.

Jack & HarryMr Bulldust and Master Bulldust15&14 are all swapping books at the moment. Jack & Harry: No Turning Back by Mervyn Davis and Tony McKenna is making the rounds currently.  We have all listened to this by audio book twice in the car and Master Bulldust14 once again at home, such a great read.  The second book by Tony McKenna Jack & Harry II: Beyond Tomorrow, looks like it is an audio book only (please correct me if I’m wrong) and was released late last year. This will be the next big drive audio book.

I wanted to share with you our latest Book Club order.  I myself as a child used to love the Book Club catalogues and back then you could write letters in to ‘Lucky’ that would be answered.  I don’t think I really liked my last letter though as they asked me if I thought I might be getting a bit big for letters from Lucky. Sad face now — I don’t think you would ever be too big for a letter! Just as well that was almost thirty years ago, maybe if they still did it Australia Post could keep a few more jobs.

IMG_3641 (640x240)

In no order I present our latest books!

IMG_3652 (640x478)A Feast for Wombat

Poor old wombat! He’d much rather stay in his burrow than go out into the big world. But when he does finally venture out, he finds lots to do and even finds his friends all over again.

Beautiful illustrations, a book about having your own special talents- everyone is different in there own way. Age 3+

IMG_3650 (478x640)Moo Bird

Is a level 1 reader with sight words, words to sound out and simple sentences.  Can Moo Bird find someone like him? Age 4+

IMG_3644 (640x478)Pog

Pog is a little monster, and he’s as brave as a bathtub full of sharks.  He’s afraid of just one thing. Children.

A beautiful take on children looking for monsters under their beds.  Pog is always checking under his bed for the frightening children. This book was only $2, so great for the library. Age 3+

IMG_3642 (640x478)My Aussie Dad

This book was pulled out of the box by Master Bulldust14 and he happily read out the parts that fitted his father Mr Bulldust  like a piece of a puzzle. Great read for only $2. Ages 3+

IMG_3645 (640x478)Kitnapped Creature JKR#8

This book is going onto our shelves as a future chapter book for Master Bulldust5&4 at $2 I could not resist. Ages 8+

IMG_3648 (640x478)Skyfire #1

Seven teenagers with seven days to save the world. I got this one as it had a good review from a tween. Ages 10+

IMG_3651 (640x478)Heroes of the Holocaust

This is a book I bought for YOU!!!! I already have it and I wanted to give it away to one of my lucky readers.  Please read the details below to see how you can get this in your mail. Ages 10+

IMG_3649 (640x478)Listen to the Moon

On an uninhabited island in the Scillies, Alfie and his father find an injured girl – thirsty, hungry and with no memory of who she is or how she came to be there.

This book is another one to be added to our Michael Morpurgo collection. It will be a book I might even pick up myself to read. Ages 10+

IMG_3647 (640x478)Zane and the Hurricane

Zane and the Hurricane looks to be a future read-aloud in the school room. As a story of Hurricane Katrina and teens that were supposed to be on vacation in New Orleans, I think it will have the children on the edge of there seats. Ages 10 +

IMG_3646 (640x478)The Butterfly Lion

What more can I say than Michael Morpurgo. Ages 8+

So, how can you win a free book – if you live in Australia?? Please comment below and share one of your favourite books you have read with your children.


Mrs Bindi

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  1. Erin says:

    I didn’t realise you were so far from town!!
    Also recommend Book Depository (books often cheaper and FREE postage, excellent service)
    and I think from memory Angus & Robertson online’s postage is free.

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