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I had thought I might be able to do a little typing in the school room on the iPad, though I really love my desktop computer with its monitor.  I just have not had a lot of time to sit with it, hence months have passed and I have not posted on my blog here. If you are an Instagramer be sure to follow me, it is a little bit handy to post the quick pic. Of course there is also more for you Facebookers and Twitters and Pinterest.

Let's Have a  Peek @ Today

School generals starts for Master Bulldust 15 & 14 around 8 am. All the children have a bit of a head cold though, since our last trip to town so it has been slower to get started and motivated this week.  Master Bulldust6 is generally in by 9am and by that time the older boys have started and I have got the washing out and something in the sink to defrost for dinner. Speaking of dinner tonight we are having home grown pork steak, and cooking tonight is Master Bulldust14. I am not sure of his plans yet I will keep you posted.

Master Bulldust15

Well according to our height check by the door, this growing young man of 180cm or  5”11.  He is over both his father and my heads. For a couple of weeks he has been busily getting an assessment completed for his Cert III, school based traineeship in Agriculture. As a part of this school based traineeship he does theory in school time, one days paid work on the station- workplace training and block training during the holidays at the college.  During his last training block he was assigned his current assessment ‘Prepare for and implement natural mating of livestock’ in the form of a report. IMG_3485 (640x478) Master Bulldust15's, college assessor introduced this subject whilst at the last block training and he has been working through the assessment information and marking guide.  When he was happy with what he had, which by no means is an easy task he spoke to both of us parents where he was able to ask his father some of the finer points of cattle breeding and we also read and reread the questions making sure he had his information clearly answerubg the questions asked.  From here he took some more notes and is currently merging this into his existing content. IMG_3512 (640x478) This plus other general school work is going on while his latest hand raised peach faces are beside his desk.  Mostly they quietly sit and wait until feeding time – unless Master Bulldust15 talks and all the little birdies do then is yell for their daddy.  I talk all day in the schoolroom and they happily sleep. This could be for two reasons 1. I am really boring, and could send anyone to sleep or 2. they have the fine tuned ears of a babe and know who is going to feed them. IMG_3483 (640x478)

Master Bulldust14

Currently for Year 9 history, Master Bulldust14 is study the history period of 1835 to 1876.  This is our term overview which than gets pieced out into a weekly schedule of activities. IMG_3520 (640x478) When I hear a sigh and m uuu mmm, you can easily understand how I could  think ‘what now’? this morning.  For me today it was a good frustration. It turns out his words ‘you picked such a good book, I keep reading way to far’.  Well what a better way to cover this period than with Ned Kelly, and obviously a really good book. IMG_3478 (640x478) In the next couple of  weeks for English we are going to cover movie reviews  both a documentary and action with no other than Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom. IMG_3518 (640x478)IMG_3516 (640x478)             For maths this week I am also looking for has level of understanding in real life math problems.  We are generally in a textbook and I noticed he needed a bit of a break so this is working well. IMG_3510 (640x478) IMG_3506 (640x479) Let's not forget his attempt at building a match stick rocket from the leftover foil from mirror making with master bulldust6. This should not be done unsupervised and probably not on the kitchen bench.

Master Bulldust6

Here we go for number three! As this little master has dyslexia we have to approach our language arts and reading a lot slower and more hands on. This week is the first time he has been introduced to ‘magic e – silent e –CVCe’.  We have been extending this wherever we can.  I think I will post the resources we are using in a separate post otherwise this will get far to long. IMG_3491 (478x640) We did some revising of ‘th’.  The throat sound of ‘th’ for this, I have learnt is called voiced with the different 'th' sound like thumb which you don't need your vocal cords to say unvoiced.  So today on the white board for spelling I had the sound in a box, the vowels which could be used and the consonants for the seven words.  The first word I did as an example and Master Bulldust6 used the same technique. Depending on his mood, this will have us at his table, on the floor, white board or outside.  But the sound box idea was new for him today and he did a great job. IMG_3468 (640x430)IMG_3469 (640x478)           In history today we did some ancient Chinese painting, as well as book writing.  We also have a 3D puzzle of the Great Wall of China which will be fun. IMG_3502 (640x478) For science we looked at mirrors and tried to make our own, firstly with cardboard, foil and plastic.  Then I suggested a sheet of laminate which Master Bullust6 prepared and put through the machine – not sure if you should be laminating foil, if I fried my laminator I would be devastated. Of course there was maths and copywork, handwriting and more. IMG_3481 (640x478)IMG_3480 (640x478)

Master Bulldust4

This little master is in and out all the time and I happily give him more ‘work’ if he wants it.  We look at a letter of the alphabet a day, we are currently at lower case ‘w’, having completed upper case first.  Before long we will start on his sounds but, there is no holding him back he is like a sponge at the moment. IMG_3479 (478x640)IMG_3488 (640x478) After looking at ‘w’ he wanted to use his left over paint for another painting.  It wasn't until much later in the day he told me the picture was a baby in a mummy’s belly. Yesterday Master Bulldust6 had looked at ‘babies’ and obviously someone else was listening. I know this can be a touchy subject or even tabu, in some houses  but as we have three week old puppies and the boys have grown up on a breeding cattle station so not a big deal I think. They seem to be very happy with ‘the baby just comes out’ and I am happy not to take it any further at the moment. For once we have a little tub of bought play dough (a gift) which is quite the novelty compared to my home made version. He is very pleased with his sculptures – his word not mine and it took a bit for me to understand what he was saying. IMG_3525 (640x478) The new ‘bring out’ this week is magnetic pattern blocks which he has been looking as he can do it mostly independently. There are heaps more little things he has done today as well like listening to the read aloud ‘the wheel on the schoolhouse’, playing with his dinosaurs, cutting and gluing. IMG_3524 (640x478) IMG_3489 (640x478)This was meant to be a brief outline of our day, and I wouldn't have covered half the things that happened today but at over one thousand words you would be bored or left long ago. So thanks for reading if you got to the bottom. Cheers Mrs Bindi Save

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    I’ll have to check out that Ned Kelly book. Talking videos on bushrangers one of the instagrams I follow announced her brother has made a movie on Thunderbolt, soon to be released, the trailer looked promising. I’ll see if I can remember who posted

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