Roll Call

Holidays are Overrated!!

No I shouldn’t say that, but it is the time when I get myself sorted and ready for the new term so we don’t have so many hiccups when we are in the swing of it.

Counting The Days Term 2 (800x561)If you used our attendance records last term, I have uploaded Term 2’s.  I have actually enjoyed ticking away as you can really see what we have been up to at a glance.  An extra I have added to the key is MS otherwise known as Mum Sick, this is what I had to add as I was laid up for a few days post surgery.  Master Bulldust15 and Master Bulldust14 were about to keep on working though the two youngest Master Bulldust’s just could not work unassisted.

Grab your copy Counting the Days Term 2 -2016

Cheers Mrs Bindi

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