St Patrick’s Day Scones

Going Green

Yes I am just that little bit mad, but that is me and this is what I do every year.  It must be a bit of that Irish blood still in the veins.

IMG_1410 (640x480)With Master Bulldust4 and Master Bulldust5 busy with the rubbing in of the butter we were under way.

IMG_1412 (640x480)Why dirty a scone cutter we just use a glass.

IMG_1415 (640x480)Lot of counting going on here and making rows.  We don’t have enough eggs at the moment so we just dabbed some milk on top.

IMG_1419 (640x480)You can’t have green scones without the cream!!

IMG_1420 (640x480)Well, what more can I say ….

DSC_0596 (640x425)They were beautiful.

St Pat Scones

If you would like the recipe – print, mix, cut, bake and enjoy.

Saint Patrick’s Day Scones

Cheers Mrs Bindi

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