Term 1 - 2016

What are we using in the schoolroom?

Grade 10
Firstly eight years ago I would have never imagined trying to teach grade 10 let along organise the curriculum materials which I think are suitable for education at this level and still hold an interest for my children. That's right I will have the other three using the same stuff as well so that is good to think I can share the expense by four, not just a one off.  If I had regular access to a library this would have been so much cheaper, but anyway I don't mind spending money of books. year10I love it when the light bulb comes on and you hear "they were talking about that in the book, and the also happened on the DVD."  Don't ever under estimate the power of movies - Teach With Movies
Grade 9
Very similar structure to grade 10 but covering a different history  period and science topics. ryear9web Master Bulldust13 is a big thinker and I have tried to add lots of hands on experiences linked within his work. year9stripweb I am getting a little excited myself about making fake skin but shhh.... he doesn't know that is in there yet.  This goes with science and the development of artificial skin and the product CellSpray that Maria Stoner and Fiona Wood developed in response to the terrible burns which Australian's suffered in the Bali bombings in 2002 the very year Master Bulldust13 was a baby.
Year 1
This is my tricky year and with all good intentions things change sometimes on a weekly basis and it feels even  every hourly some days. At the end of our school year in December 2015 I had Master Bulldust5 have some testing at the educational psychologist.   He has dyslexia and poor working memory but a really high IQ.  His only problem you can see from the casual observer would be he is struggling with reading and performing outstandingly with science and history. Year1Taking this into account he does some super exciting work and we are working slowly on his literacy through multi-sensory instruction. Nessy appswebMaster Bulldust5 also has a ipad recommended for him so he could use the assisted technologies only available on the ipad.  We also have some Nessy apps targeted for dyslexic learners and a monkey app which they think is cool, as a reward they get to put things in an aquarium.
Other appswebKindergarten
I wish I was in kindergarten again!!!! We are using  KinderLiteracy loosely for Master Bulldust4 as it is a year above where he is but I can not spread myself so thin with four in the schoolroom this year.   Check out our mornings experience with Phonemic Awareness kinderlitweb First up in the morning both Master Bulldust4&5 do a session of KinderLiteracy.  Of course I am not expecting a lot from him it is more that we are able to talk about a book and do some activities about the theme of the week and start listening for words that rhyme.  You can check out KinderLiteracy here and purchase it here.  This is not an affiliate link I just love the work Tara West produces and I really wish I was a kid in her class. kindyweb It is a revision for Master Bulldust5  and it is easy on Master Bulldust4, we get through it quite quickly and then he chooses what he what like to do.  This varies from day to day and today was a traditional Chinese hat which he started to collage and then lost interest.   He will come and go throughout the morning, doing paintings, collage, playing with play dough or joining in with science experiments.  Master Bulldust4 is also used by all of his brothers when they are doing surveys as well, sometimes unwillingly I might add. Cheers Mrs Bindi

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