The Story of Louis Braille ‘Out of Darkness’

 ‘Out of Darkness’

The Story of Louis Braille

Our read aloud I have been reading to Master Bulldust5 is ‘Out of Darkness’, The Story of Louis Braille by Russell Freedman.
It is a brief biography of Louis Braille but I was unsure if Master Bulldust5 could really understand.

I initially thought we could write his name in raised dots of some sort, but I had no clue myself of the Braille system. I did some research with some blind societies and developed some worksheets that proved to be quite fun.

Soup Mix BrailleUsing a packet of soup mix we found enough yellow spit peas to use as the raised dots.  We glued them in place with pva glue.

CVC Braille Dots

Using our CVC words we have been learning I created little cards which he quickly and easily got the hang of. These I had laminated and he used a whiteboard maker to make the dots.

Muffin tray Braille Cell

Using the only ‘six cell’ object we had we would have a race. I would say a letter of the alphabet and he would have to find it and build it in the cell with some Styrofoam balls.  I was hoping to reuse someone’s half dozen egg cartons as they would be the perfect six cell and use table tennis balls, but I could not get any.   I suppose you can not complain when you have fresh eggs from the chook pen every morning.

My Name in Braille
Master Bulldust5 was really stoked to be able to write is name in Braille.  We were able to talk about capitals and lower case letters and how in Braille all the letters are lower case and you put a capital cell in the front of what you want to capitalise.

In the end I overheard him explaining it all the Master Bulldust3 so obviously he had understood well.  He with holding his hands over his little brothers eyes saying ‘See you can’t see when your blind.’

The printables I made have eight different pages which could be used for various age levels.  If you would like the printables they can be found here.  Braille Alphabet Activities

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  1. Kylie says:

    We did a very brief Braille unit last year. Love your printables thanks for sharing them 🙂

  2. Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

  3. Molly says:

    We are reading this one right now and I was hoping to find some simple activities just like this! Thanks!

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