Will it Freeze?

In this experiment Master Bulldust5 looked around for items that we could try and freeze. He choose both solids and liquids from around the kitchen. He made observations of will it freeze yes or no. DSC_0232web This experiment could have been checked after two hours but we used it as another science lesson the following day.  When we took the ice cube tray out we talked about how the substances had changed or stayed this same. DSC_0250web We tipped them onto the bench and had a really good look at them. Notice the BITE in the white cube of frozen milk. DSC_0258web I wrote down what Master Bulldust5 was observing. DSC_0287web Like all kids do, they continued to watch as the substances melted, pushing and poking. Finally they... yes they Master Bulldust3 had joined in and froze some items as well. The cornflakes were a great discussion item. Untitled-Stitched-02web So finally they ate anything they could. If you would like a Will they Freeze worksheet

Download (PDF, 391KB)

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  1. Shona says:

    This is a super simple and super dooper amazing great job!

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