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Magic e Game

Four in a Row Game We have been doing a lot of work with Master Bulldust6 and the silent e.  I was not able to find anything that reviewed all the vowels together so...

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Thoughtful Thursday

I had thought I might be able to do a little typing in the school room on the iPad, though I really love my desktop computer with its monitor.  I just have not had...

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KidloLand ~ Educational App Review

KidloLand – Nursery Rhymes for Kids Well you all know I am not backwards in coming forward so I would firstly like to say that I was given the opportunity to review this app...

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Mrs Bindis Good Reads – An Outback Life

An Outback Life by Mary Groves ‘Mary Groves was just fourteen when her parents uprooted their family from Melbourne and moved to Mataranka; a small, isolated town in the Northern Territory.’ I have just...

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Roll Call

Holidays are Overrated!! No I shouldn’t say that, but it is the time when I get myself sorted and ready for the new term so we don’t have so many hiccups when we are...

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Term 1 – 2016 What are we using in the schoolroom? Grade 10 Firstly eight years ago I would have never imagined trying to teach grade 10 let along organise the curriculum materials which...

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